Leadership Team


Me4Sure’s team of experienced business and technical executives have developed a revolutionary solution for Identity Assurance and Access Management.

Robert N. Fireman – CEO, Co-Founder and Director

Robert N. Fireman has served as CEO of Me4Sure since its inception. He has been part of the executive management team that has guided the strategic plan to develop a state of the art proprietary biometric identity access and management solution. Mr. Fireman overseas the sales and technical teams, human resources, and investor relations of the company.
Mr. Fireman is an entrepreneur, investor, and developer of new innovative businesses across a variety of industries. He serves on management teams of these new companies advising them in every aspect of business development, management, finance, and operations.
He was the founder and CEO of Consumer Card Marketing (CCMI), a pioneer of CRM technologies – card-based, stored-value loyalty and gift programs – which he sold to News Corporation in 2000. He led Sky Vegetables, Inc., an industry leader in urban agriculture, in developing a state of the art commercial, hydroponic rooftop farm which produces fresh, local, herbs and greens all year long. He is a director of Worlds.com, an industry leader in 3D interactive social networking.

George T. Sullivan – CTO

George Sullivan is responsible for vision, innovation and commercialization of technology in the product portfolio of Me4Sure. An expert in distributed/networked systems, application virtualization, convergence, call-centers and communication application development, delivery and management, he has more than 30 years experience with information technology in Fortune 100 companies, government agencies and entrepreneurial businesses. Mr. Sullivan served as CTO for Avaya’s Consulting and Integration Services (CIS) group and later for Avaya Global Managed Services, and also served as VP and Director of Citicorp Global Network Architecture, and Director of Trading Systems Architecture for the National Association of Security Dealers NASD/Nasdaq.

John A. Brandli, Jr. – SVP Business Development, Co-Founder and Director

John Brandli is one of the founders of Me4Sure. Prior to Me4Sure he was Managing Director of the Business Communication Consulting (BCC) practice of Avaya. BCC is an internally and externally facing organization focused on deriving maximum business value from customer contact communications networks and their applications by aligning business objectives with communications investments. Before that, Mr. Brandli served on executive teams for Vista Information Technologies, Fulcra Solutions and Global One Communications.

Doug Foran – VP of Sales and Marketing

Doug Foran specializes in taking new companies and technologies to market, and has consulted on more than 50 high tech product launches. He was an early contributor to Calma Corporation, Silicon Valley’s leader for integrated circuit design. As a corporate officer, he pioneered the electronic technical publishing market at Information Displays, which dominated its market and attained NASDAQ national market status. At Xerox Corporation he started up and served as GM for business teams working in asset management for utility companies and technical document management for manufacturing companies. He launched Concept Five Technologies, an early entrant in the cyber security space for pharmaceutical and financial services markets, and maintains ties with the oil and gas and chemical manufacturing industries as a director of the PlantSuccess series of executive leadership conferences.

Richard Rebh – Director

Richard Rebh has spent 15 years in Silicon Valley as VP of Marketing at a series of ventures, including Pyramid Technology (originator of Open Servers, acquired by Siemens), Silicon Graphics (one of the pioneers in development of the Internet), and Web Flow (an enterprise software company he co-founded, and where he raised $15 million in venture capital to facilitate team collaboration using the Web). He relocated to the East Coast in 1997 to co-found and become CEO of what became the fastest growing in-store marketing company in history, FLOORgraphics (FGI); today he remains CEO of FGI and serves on the boards of several technology companies.

Seth Epstein – Director

Seth Epstein has spent more than 25 years planning the growth and management of technology businesses, including more than 15 years in retail loyalty marketing. Mr. Epstein has founded several successful startups and raised over $150 million in venture capital. In 1989, he was one of three founders of Strategics, a firm that developed two successful technology products for drug retailers. In 1996, Mr. Epstein founded TRS Holding (TRS), which specializes in electronic in-store marketing systems. Currently CEO of TRS, Mr. Epstein directs all product development, from concept through engineering, manufacturing and marketing, and is co-holder of two TRS patents.