Enterprise Single Sign-On

Too many passwords to remember?

The typical employee manages 6 to 12 passwords and can usually only recall three or four from memory. This means the other 3 to 8 passwords are written down for the user to refer to when logging in. According to industry research a typical user spends 44 hours a year logging on with usernames and passwords to at least four applications a day. When you combine the time users spend remembering and typing in usernames and passwords with the facts that up to 70% of help-desk calls are password-related and the average company spends US$300-$500 per user, per year on password related.

M4S allows users to login in from anywhere and enjoy the same single sign-on functionality as if they were working from their desks.

Once a user biometrically authenticates to their M4S Personal Smart Key (PKS), they are automatically authenticated to the applications, databases and operating system platforms they need to be productive. M4S moves security policies and credential management to the next level by tying the user to their biometrically protected PSK, ensuring that they are who they say they are when attempting to access corporate assets. Not only is the PSK simple for the user to use, it provides the ultimate in access security for the corporation and eliminates the need for the user to have to manage complex user names, passwords and PINs that are easily forgotten all with the touch of a finger.

Bottom line, eliminating the need for users to manage username and passwords increases security exponentially, decreases down time for employees and enables IT personnel to focus on projects to make the company more efficient and profitable.