M4S in Healthcare

Untangling Complexity

The Problem:
Today’s healthcare environment suffers from a number of ills – complex government regulations, inefficient, outdated electronic and paper-based records systems, and budgetary uncertainties, to name a few. Adding even greater stress for industry IT managers are the public’s growing expectations for greater access to and portability of medical records, and the related regulatory initiatives for full deployment of electronic medical records (EMR).

Yet many healthcare enterprises rely on security architectures that are outdated, overwhelmed, and more and more expensive to maintain. As records-keeping technology becomes more sophisticated and, thanks to high-bandwidth networks, pervasive, the costs and vulnerabilities of older security infrastructures will continue to grow.

For instance, on any given day a healthcare worker might have to access 10 different systems to gather patient information. That means having to manage different passwords and PINs, and to do that the worker would be tempted to use the same password and PIN across the board — something that is done routinely in healthcare today. Or the worker might write his or her passwords on notepaper. Or he or she might choose simple passwords, easy to remember. And easy to hack.

In this situation – repeated many times across the industry — a new mandate to add more layers of security will do little to improve the actual protection of private records, and much to frustrate the worker and the business itself.

The Solution:
M4S Identity Assurance and Access Management (IAAM) frees users to concentrate on patient care, and IT managers to align their processes to the company’s business goals. M4S lets you achieve EMR compliance – it meets all HIPAA, PSQIA, and HITECH regulations – while eliminating the costs and frustrations of usernames, passwords, and PINs.

M4S protects your IT investment because it fits within your existing security architecture, extending, rather than replacing, your security schemas and policy logic – critical for budget-sensitive organizations in the healthcare industry. And M4S can help you streamline an existing security infrastructure that is overly complex, using enterprise-class Single Sign On (SSO) to greatly reduce the numbers – and risks — of legacy application passwords.