Five Dangerous Misconceptions about Authentication for Mobile Computing and Cloud Security

While there is much that we do understand about cloud and virtualization; that it provides cost savings, convenience, and the business agility needed to compete in today’s compressed market cycles, there also is much organizations don’t understand about how these technologies will change the way they secure their infrastructure, especially when it comes to managing identity and keeping mobile workers secure.
In the paper, we review the five most dangerous misconceptions and what they mean when it comes to securing access for mobile workers and securing systems across legacy, virtualized, and cloud environments.


The Rising Risks of Mobility: Enabling the Modern, Cloud-powered Mobile Workforce
When faced with the rising security challenges that come with the consumerization of IT devices and services, ubiquitous networking, cloud computing – and the highly mobile workforce that all of these trends make possible – the answer isn’t to impose stricter controls or bake on additional layers of security. No, organizations must provide the capabilities their users need to embrace the productivity gains made possible by mobile technologies, while also ensuring that work is done securely.
This paper discusses methods for making it possible for remote users to work securely from wherever they are.


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5 Dangerous Misconceptions
Enabling Mobility