Secure Portable Storage

Afraid of what company assets are being stored and carried around unprotected?

Protect Your Data With Me4Sure’s Personal Smart Key (PSK)
All corporate data is sensitive data especially when data leaves the control of the corporation. Whether it’s your client list, your sales figures, your financial projections, or the latest designs for a new product, you cannot risk losing control of the data. That is why organizations need a solution that puts the corporation in control of the data and not just the end-user.

The Facts – Lost storage media: Over the past few years, millions of confidential records have been exposed, as notebooks, USB storage devices, and other media devices containing sensitive corporate data were lost. At first glance, it may seem that simply adding encryption would be the answer. Unfortunately, it is not that simple. When it comes to mobile workers, it is challenging to adhere to policies that are designed to control data movement. Thus making it impossible for organizations to validate that data is not lost, copied or used out side of the policy guidelines. And if that data is lost it can be accounted for and destroyed.

The M4S solution provides organizations with a centrally managed encrypted storage area on the PSK that can be accessed only after specific access criteria is met. Because each PSK is centrally managed, organizations can set and enforce when the can access the stored data. Should a PSK be lost or stolen, the data can not be accessed without the authorized enrolled fingerprint and can be disabled/wiped remotely via the centrally controlled administration console. That makes devices lost with confidential, proprietary, or personally identifiable information non-events.