The M4S Identity Assurance and Access Management Solution

Adding Value to the Enterprise

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Me4Sure’s M4S solution lets end users work securely from any location, as if they were in a protected office environment.

M4S enables Single Sign On, Virtualized & Cloud access and supports desktop access and security through it’s MS Winlogon GINA/CP and crypto key management. M4S provides the ability to safely store and use sensitive data on the go, all with full, centralized management controls.

The innovative M4S architecture lets you deploy multifactor authentication that is firewall friendly with ZERO disruption to existing security schemas.

M4S seamlessly authenticates users to networked resources, on-premise applications, PCs, and Web-based applications and services. Simplified, efficient design makes M4S straightforward and cost-effective to deploy, manage, and use, and it authenticates users to corporate assets, domains and applications in a way that cannot be refuted – all the while removing the pain associated with legacy hardware and software authentication technologies.

Enterprises can be certain that only authorized users gain access to data and conduct sensitive transactions.

With M4S’ unique multifactor authentication architecture and strong encryption, enterprises can be assured that only authorized users gain access to protected applications, sensitive and/or regulated data, and that their transactions cannot be refuted later. Because M4S eliminates the need for user managed credentials, enterprises no longer have to endure the cost of expensive password management; end-user password resets, and associated lost productivity. If a device is lost, it’s useless and unreadable to onlookers or data thieves, and any device can be disabled remotely via the M4S management center.